This is why the public should not be given the vote.


Last night saw the National Disgrace National Television Awards, the one night in the year when the great and the good are at the James Bond Premiere and the rest are in the Royal Albert Hall picking up gongs that they would never otherwise have a chance of winning because they’re not judged on talent, merely on how many times people who plan their days around the Paul O’Grady show can hit the redial button. As evidenced by the triumph – eight years on the row, no less! – of Ant and Dec in the ‘Most Popular Entertainment Presenter Category’.

Credit where credit’s due, people – at least the organisers had the nous to name the category ‘Most Popular’, ie. knowingly predicting the most talented in the category rarely comes out top, but frankly when Ant and Dec – word up, gents, you’re not Morecombe and Wise – can trump Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins, also nom’d in the category, then we have a problem. The problem is thus:

The public just cannot be trusted with the vote.

The examples are thus:

Boris Johson. George Bushes plural. Leon off-of X Factory. And of course the subject of today’s derision, Ant ‘n’ Dec. Eight whole times over.

Oh but it does make us feel a little churlish as Ant ‘n’ Dec are really rather nice. S’true. But then so’s our Nan but we wouldn’t put her on the telly.

*inspiration hits; has new idea for genius TV format; pitches idea to ITV; they say no; ten months later exact same concept hits our television screens and is a smash hit; oh*

That’s kinda all we have to say on the matter. Except this one thing:

1) Trevor ‘charisma? I’m sorry, you’ve lost me there’ McDonald? The man has the personality of parquet flooring and can’t even read off an autocue. And no, it’s not endearing.

ps. Bong.

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5 comments to “This is why the public should not be given the vote.”

  1. Hahahahaha. Oh so true. On all counts.

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  2. Oh, I agree on the Sir Trevor McDonald front. The man’s a plank: literally and metaphorically. All he has to do is PRONOUNCE WORDS ON TELLY. Apparently a feat that after god knows how many years on TV he can’t conquer. Sack the old bastard says I.

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  3. But Trevor Macdonald has large sausage like fingers.

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  4. Oh I am looooooooooooving the memememememememetv today.

    You’re so much better when you’re having a laugh instead of sucking your teeth.


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  5. It does prove that La Public are dopes. Were Ant and Dec not the ones who conned everyone into calling into competitions when they were rigged? How quickly people forget. Side bar, who else saw (and loved) it when Simon Cowell kissed Cheryl after winning his award and Amanda Holden tried to do the same and he snubbed her.

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