Didn't she do well?

We’ve already discussed the bumming credentials of her husband today but now we’re going to discuss the bumming credentials of Katie Price in her own right. Well, we say ‘bumming’ credentials, but we mean more ‘equestrian’ credentials.

Yes, trotty types have finally been giving KP Nuts the credit she deserves for all the horsey business she gets up to – you know, dressage, show jumping, mucking out, etc – and have even credited her with being ‘best thing to happen to the horse world since hard hats’. This is all very hooray, especially since that nasty business when she was refused entry to the Cartier International Polo Day earlier this year. Pigs. But who has been singing the praises of what, why and how prey tell?

Olympic horseman Carl Hester said: ‘Of course she is good for the sport… ‘I don’t know what anybody who says otherwise is on about.’

… Followed by the ‘unfortunately horse faced but obviously very nice’ Clare Balding who whinnied:

‘She’s brilliant for the sport and will get a whole lot more girls interested in riding and ponies… ‘She the best thing to happen to the horse world since hard hats. She’s fascinating and intriguing. Why does anyone care what she’s wearing or how she rides?’

Hmmm, probably Peter.



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2 comments to “Ta-da!”

  1. Her knockers look much, much smaller than usual. What on Earth happened?

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  2. She’s had ’em reduced, innit.

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