Don’t fancy yours much

Oh HubbleAww, or maybe you do. Different strokes and all that. This is little Hubble. Hubble is an aesthetically challenged doggy who needs a new home having been abandoned by his evil owners, who ‘pparently dumped him in the woods. The shits.

We hear from rescue workers that his personality more than makes up for his unfortunate face – well, it seems to work for the ‘gets viler every minute’ David Walliams, so why not for little Hubble here? Hubble was injured as a pup, hence the funny face, but he’s very kind and loyal and not at all of yap, so we heart him and you should too.

Now let’s have another look at Hubble in all his toothless, battered, mangy glory…

Woof Oh come on…

If you’re innerested in giving Hubble a cushy cosy home, with a lorra lorra love, call the Dogs Trust 0113 281 4920.

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3 comments to “Don’t fancy yours much”

  1. That’s actually rather a nice picture of Amy. The top one I mean.

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  2. Aww, there is something a little bit cute about Hubble.

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  3. Tha thing is disgusting and should have been drowned at birth

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