Naked e-Spanish men. Oh hola.

Big nips, non?

They may have a homophobic Queen (she’s now saying she was misquoted, obviamente. Word up, Queeny Sofia, take a leaf out of our dear Majesty’s book and don’t give quotes in the first place), but that’s all pounds, shillings and chirizo to us… what we’re mostly concerned with in this dolly instance is this buncho┬árandy e-Spanish firemen who’ve stripped down to their nick-nacks for the sheer tortilla of it all.

Er, that’s it really. The rest of the pictures are after the break, naturalmente. Nice.

ps. *Coca Cola, aqua, cerveza…*

Did that shrink in the wash, or are you just happy to see us? Careful with that tool! Bagsy the one in the middle! Fuzzy wuzzy. How Brokeback...

Ooh, pps. You can have it in your real life hands by purchasing from ici. Sorry, aqui.

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  1. Ola.

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  2. Yes, cuz this is what they do all day.

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