Ooh, the Google Phone!

Google dot com.

Now it’s going to take a lot to usurp our beloved iPhone, mostly ’cause we’ve signed up to an 18 monther with O2 and it would be costly to say ta-ta, but also because Apple really are the top of the crop when it comes to industrial design. But Google have unveiled what they hope will be a serious contender to the i(fill blank accordingly) crown – the world’s first Android phone, called GI. 

It’s essentially Google, on your phone. So far so jolly good. Featuring a 3.2 inch, slide-out screen for your searching needs, and a qwerty keyboard for your dialling needs, the Google Phone also has a rather nifty motion senser, so that if you get lost all you have to do is turn on Google Maps, point in the direction you need to go, et voila! Which is very handy for walk-of-shame scenarios. Incidentally, we believe the WofS needs re-branding, or at least a chirpier alternative moniker, seeing as not every ONS (One Night Stand. Keep up) is shameful. Quite the opposite, in fact. Maybe something along the lines of Walk of Cat That Got The Cream. Or Walk of I’m So Going Back For More. Or Walk of I’m Actually Finding It Difficult To Walk Right Now. Something snappy like that.

Anyways, bringing it back… The GI is pretty in its simplicity, and we think we’d quite like one. Not actually too sure when they’ll be available for purchase, but we’ll keep you updated ‘n’ all that Googly jazz. In the meantime, here’s another picture of your possibly-new-favourite-gadget…

Innit slick...!
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2 comments to “Ooh, the Google Phone!”

  1. Or how about ‘Walk of It Seemed Like a Good Idea Last Night but Now I’m Not So Sure’.

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  2. Should already be available for you in the UK and if you have the right mobile plan you can get the G1 for FREE.

    ,Michael Martin

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