From insipid to insipider…

That's another show buggered... :-(

Do a little somethin’ somethin’ for us, will you… Look up ‘insipid’ in the OED and see what it says. You’ll prolly find is goes a little somethin’ somethin’ like this:

in-sip-id (adjective)

1) without distinctive, interesting, or stimulationg qualities; vapid; Myleene Klass

2) without sufficient taste to be pleasing, as food or drink; bland; Myleene Klass

But for why are we giving an English Language class on this, the day that we should be burning people on bonfires and celebrating Pressie B? (Note to Americans – we don’t want to burn Pressie B on a bonfire. Quite the opposite. We want to hug, lick and cherish him. No, it’s Guy Fawkes Night, see. Look it up. You might learn a little somethin’ somethin’.) 

The reason we’re going all linguistic on your/our/your asses is that news has reached these dolly shores that Nicky Hambleton-Jones – new potato on a stick and herself from the Sir Trev McDonald school of charisma – has been ditched from presenting Ten Years Younger and replaced with, yes, you guessed it, Myleene No Fucking Klass.

And it pains us to… No, it just pains us. A helluva lot. It’s bad enough our beloved Marks ‘n’ Sparks adverts were besmirched by her smug smirking presence, but now it seems we really can’t turn on our moving picture boxes without seeing the televisual equivalent of a bogey someone’s wiped on your loo wall staring back at us. In other words, something we really don’t want to look at when we’re going about essential business.

Has this woman – or has she not – become the default telly presenter du choice for any exec producer too afraid of actually entertaining their audience? Hmmmmn?

We think it could be a matter for the police.

And while we’re on the subject – Myleene Klass and Gok Wan? Gruesome twosome that could quite possibly mark the end of civilization, much?

And while we’re on the subject – Gok Wan?


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5 comments to “From insipid to insipider…”

  1. Hear hear, me-me-me, hear hear!

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  2. Exactly. She’s so inoffensive I actually find her offensive.

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  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, Myleene Klass drives me fucking crazy! Look at that face up there – it’s smriking for a punch!!!

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  4. More importantly, what is it with people wiping bogies on loo walls. I saw one just yesterday when I went for my daily nap at work.

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  5. Every time I see that face I just want to vomit up everything I’ve eaten in the last 50 years!!! Ok, Gok Wan is annoying to the extreme, but he pales into nothingness compared to HER! Just don’t mention her around me…it might be your face I want to punch instead!

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