‘Ooh, is it coming up to 4 o’clock already and we’ve still not had a celebratory sing-song on the grave of George W. C. U. N. T. Bush?’

go ladies!

Oh, it would have been easy to put something like ‘Celebrate’ by that nice Mr. Kool and his Gang, but we are being more measured as we usher in a new era, which may be good for African Americans but which is bad for the gays, what with the success of Proposition 8 in California and similar votes in places like Florida.

The bottom line is, it’s now one nation under a groove for all races but them dirty gays still can’t tie the knot like decent human beings (and like they can in almost every other civilised country in the world). What’s the line about ‘the world’s greatest democracy’ again?

There endeth the lesson and today we will be mostly sing-songing along to the cheeeeenius ‘There’s Got To Be Something Better Than This’ from the musical Sweet Charity, which takes up the optimistic tone of the day without forgetting there’s still a bunch of nonsense to tackle. Ooh, clever…

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