We know all about art, but we don’t know what we like.

Scary Monsters, Super Freaks

A woman suckling all-comers, two hoodies spitting at each other, someone CC-TVing people masturbating… not quite your usual club night out. But when has that ever stopped you? Hmmm?

It’s all part of Act Art 6, something of a legendary London event held this Friday from 7.30pm at the Arches, 53 Southwark Street, SE1 (which is London Bridge way).

Apart from your regular DJs and drinks and flirting and queueing for the toilet and losing your coat-check ticket, you will also be able to enjoy 100 avant garde artists giving it their best shot either on video or live in the flesh (and blood, maybe).  

So, if you want to share a confession with an artist over a cup of tea ‘and the obligatory slice of disappointment cake’, take an ‘intimate’ journey with a burlesque performer in front of a room of strangers or see shocking pornographic material given a comedy twist, you’ll know which door to make an orderly line in front of. 

Not to be missed (unless you are of a nervous disposition).

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2 comments to “We know all about art, but we don’t know what we like.”

  1. Oh gosh, I went to the last one… AMAZING.

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  2. Really? They always feel so 6th form.

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