Riddle us this: What do Susan Sarandon, Stephen Fry, Will Young, Billy Connolly, Michael Stipe, Bob Geldof, Deepak Chopra, Noam Chomsky, Carlos Santana, Stewart Copeland, Alanis Morisette, KD Lang, names, names, names, names, names and names have in common? (Answer down there…)

What About Me? Eh?? EH????

Answer is… *insert drum roll. Please* They’re all part of new multimedia masterpiece, ‘What About Me?’, by 1 Giant Leap. You know, the global philosophy and music concept band. Do keep up.

Faithless co-founder Jamie Catto and artist and producer Duncan Bridgeman are your principle gennelman behind 1 Giant Leap, and together they’ve schlepped across the globe, interviewing and recording some pretty impressive chunks of music, bons mots and philosophy from some of the world’s most renowned music, bons mots and philosophy types – from which they’ve created ‘What About Me?’, which gives, and we better quote someone else here, ‘a fascinating insight into universal ideas and our collective insanity’. The project consists of a film, DVD, album and telly series.

They’ve done this before, incidentally. Their first production, ‘Unity Through Diversity’, was nom’d for 2 Grammys in 2003, and sold over 300,000 albums.

And people are already wet-weeing over ‘What About Me?’. The Times says it’s ‘dazzling’, GQ says it’s ‘inspiring’, and Bono says he’s Jesus it’s ‘an amazing film by two genius film-makers.’

So far, so impressed.

You may have caught the telly bit of ‘What About Me?’ on Channel Four last night, if you weren’t making circles of 8 with a sparkler. If not, fret not – it’s on every Wednesday night till 17th Dec, plus you’ve still got the album, film and DVD to go, so no tears. Take a look at this over the jump, t’will explain more…


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