Oh, hello!

Getting wet

It’s called Yeam (which might just be another way to spell ‘Yum’), it seems to be some sort of on-line magazine with no words just lots of pictures of very hot boys (exhibit A, above) and we think the pictures are culled from other places, ’cause we’ve seen some of them and one set is definitely from Arena Homme Plus.

But hey, it’s the future. There’s another UK magazine being launched called Distill, which is exactly the same thing but for the ladies. Anyways, enough blather. Let’s lick our lipstick off while looking at some more pictures from Yeam and a link to the whole darn thing…
Yum, spelt with an 'e' and an 'a' Run, boy!

Go see Yeam here

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More dolly #content:

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahm-hah! Or something.

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  2. Think there’s room in that bath for two?

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  3. I like that cheeky bot down the bottom…

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