Look at Cindy Crawford and her 42-year-old mole…

Nice specs.


Cindy Crawford’s done a shoot for the December ish of French Vogue, and it looks a little like this. Lot like this.

Apparently, we’re all supposed to be knocked sidewards and perhaps back again by the fact that she’s 42.

Hard to tell when the face is 97% obscured by sunglasses, hair, all the make-up Mac can make, and a mole.

*is knocked over sidewards, and then back again*

In this next picture, however, Cindy Crawford and her mole could be any age between twelve and 65… (oh but ps. Apparently she owes her body to a high-protein diet plus the Power Plate. Which is timely, because only last week we were all discussing whether we should shell out the frankly ridick amounts they charge to go to Power Plate classes down the road in either Covent Garden or there’s one in Soho, actually, and came to the conclusion that £230 a month is rather a lot when you could probably just do reps whilst sitting on your washing machine. Oh but we do really fancy it and if anyone at Power Plate Inc or similar is reading this, we’d very happily write nice things about Power Plate, and even tell our celebrity friends, in return for, well, free-ness.) 


Pics from the Daily Mail, btw.

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3 comments to “Look at Cindy Crawford and her 42-year-old mole…”

  1. The top pic kinda puts me in mind of Mick Jagger. With tits. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

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  2. I was reminded of the guy from Aerosmith, personally.

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  3. Steven Tyler? Yeah, he looks ‘lived in’ like Mick. And Cind.

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