It’s the Year of the Gay. And no, that’s not a Chinese horoscope thing.

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And that’s why you might be seeing a whole lot more of this sort of thing…

It’s true people. All the trend predictors (in this office, anyway) reckon that next year is going to be the year that the whole aggressive gay rights thing comes to a head. And like all trends it means that the whole world falls into line.

We’ve already seen the anti-Proposition 8 rallies, t-shirts with slogans like ‘Gay is the new black’ and placards using Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream…’ to apply to the gay cause. The film Milk is coming up (already no doubt behind a lot of the new activism we’ve seen in the States…), while glittering London’s National Theatre is showing DV8’s beyond brilliant (though vaguely 80s-y) To Be Straight With You. 

And men’s fashions are looking likely to be very late 70s/early 80s gay with big holes in ears, big boots, leather trousers, the re-re-return of combats (with big boots and holes in ears), skinhead styles and retro gay pride badges (pink triangles and the like).

It’s why we salute Fantasticsmag’s current spread/interview with this guy. Who may or may not be of gay but who totally sums up the new no-nonsense, aggressive, edgy gay thing that’s coming your way. Read/see it here

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2 comments to “It’s the Year of the Gay. And no, that’s not a Chinese horoscope thing.”

  1. Weird, I was thinking this. And moustaches are coming back and tight jeans and nudity in clubs. It’s a very Hellfire meets Cockettes kind of vibe going on.

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  2. And poppers. And prince Alberts.

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