Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches-made-out-of-neon-lights…?

What, no tinsel?

There’s a bit of a tradish for getting famouses to design show-stoppin’ Christmas trees for places of grand repute. Like the V&A, for example, who each year get a lady and/or gennelman from the design world to run up a yuletide fir that’ll get the punters gasping branch-wards throughout Santa season – with past turns including Alexander McQueen, Matthew Williamson and Jasper Conran.

And now TopShop have got in on the act, by unveiling a Gareth Pugh-designed Xmas bush that’s so stripped down to basics it’s, well, 60 neon bulbs and diddly-squat else. Now we’re all for tearing down that mould and starting all over, but we prefer a Christmas tree that’s more Home Alone than homeless.

But no doubt when you’re schlepping across town for your throwaway Christmas wardrobe you’ll happen across Gareth Pugh’s gesture of festive cheer, at its resting place down TopShop/Man’s flagship store at Oxford Circus.

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2 comments to “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches-made-out-of-neon-lights…?”

  1. It’s a bit, well, horrible.

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  2. Carbon footprint-tastic. He should have flung mini 3 bar electric fires on to represent baubles and gone for the full effect of global warming.

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