Childish, but funny.

Honestly, language!

So, you know, we’re not ones for reducing ourselves to the level of retarded fuckwits like those Mormons (who are retarded by definition anyway, non?) who bankrolled Proposition 8 (even though they’re not even based in California. Though bigotry, of course, doesn’t see geography) but sometimes, just sometimes, you’ve got to stoop to the level of peurile objection because that’s the only currency retards understand. Pointless getting all clever on their smarting asses, really, ’cause they’ll just start throwing words like ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ and ‘sensible shoes’ around and they’re no use to anyone.  

We’ll leave this knowledgeable gennelman to go into the ins and outs of it all… We’re expected elsewhere – there’s a Mormon waiting to be a-bummed round the back of the bike sheds…

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2 comments to “Childish, but funny.”

  1. to me a sensible christian would spend money on helping the poor, humanitarian work or such not spending millions of pounds bankrolling prop 8. these people can’t be reasoned with so i agree “fuck mormons!”

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  2. Fuck mormons indeed. I like the way they said it in shocking pink too. nice.

    Mormons allow polygamy amongst their followers and have the temerity (I heart that word) to tell us that we can’t marry just ONE person of our choosing.

    Fuck them. Really hard so they cry – and not in a good way.

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