It’s good, but it’s not Dame Shirley singing ‘Get This Party Started’…


It is, however, the new Marks ‘n’ Sparks Christmas advert! Hooray! And if you ignore Myleene Klass (hard, we know, as her smug insipidness is taking over the airwaves) it’s bordering on festive, get-a-lump-right-there perfection. All the usual are present and correct – Twiggy, Erin, Lily, the hot French one – plus Take That have popped round for a mincy pie ‘n’ egg nog…! *scream, etc, etc.* Ooh, and Macy Gray’s singing Winter Wonderland over the top. J’adore…

Segue: How hot is Uncle Gary Barlow looking?

So the ad breaks tonight during Corrugation Street, so it’s not available on YouTubery just yet, but it is available on the Guardian’s interdolly site. NB. Is it just us, or do the vids on the Guardian’s interdolly site not play v well? Maybe they need a Triga situation where a man in polyester comes round to sort it out for them… just an idea.

*wipes the smile off Myleene Klass’s face with a snow ball that’s practically rock it’s that hard. Probably because there’s a rock inside the snow ball*

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2 comments to “It’s good, but it’s not Dame Shirley singing ‘Get This Party Started’…”

  1. Since when did the ‘unveiling’ of the Christmas M&S advert become a media event? Is that sleigh bells I can hear in the background? No, it’s the sound of celebrities cashing in…ching ching….thank god the Thatties have the decency to look vaguely embarrassed about the whole thing!

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  2. Myleeeeen frigging no-class again!!!! Help me, somebody!

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