‘Ooh, Gladys, is it way (but not all the way to Georgia) past 4 o’clock and we’ve stil not had a sing song?’

No pips in mine, thanks.

‘Tis. And today, in honour of Gladys Knight’s cheeeeenius duet with Lady Sir Dame Elton John at his 7th Annual AIDS Foundation Benefit in NYC last night, we’ll mostly be sing-songing along to… well, it was going to be ‘If I Were Your Woman’ (the kids might know the [much inferior] versh by Alicia Keys) but the YouTube clip’s a bit shonky, so we’re bringing you ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. Which, incidentally, was hers before Marvin got his chompers on it. 

Oh, go on, we’ll put Marv’s versh up as well, so you can do a fun compare ‘n’ contrast. And if ever there was a compare ‘n’ contrast…

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