Steve Guttenberg’s doing panto! *bells start ringing*

Honey, are you wearing base?

So we started this story about Steve Guttenberg and not only did thoughts drift off towards him on a boat in shorty-shorts in Cocoon, but also towards the fact that we’ve actually mentioned the fact that he’s doing panto before. It’s also proof that our non-sausage fingers are firmly on the panto pulse. And if there’s any pulse you want to be on…

Anyways, you can never have enough hats, gloves and Steve Guttenberg in panto, especially when said panto is in Bromley, a place we’ve never actually been and doubt ever will, though the place does have rather a shine to it. Now. Owing to the above.

And naturally it’s extra excitement that Helen Lederer, here seen to the left of Stevie G, is also in it. And we j’adore her not only because of her Absolutely Fabulous connections (‘Chairs. Some lovely… chairs’, etc.) but also because for some inexplicable reason we ended up sitting next to her not once, not twice, but thrice at three (natch) fashion shows during Big London Fashion Week and she was a hoot. A hoot, we tell you, a hoot. And before you get all, ‘Helen Lederer? Fashion Week? Were you standing room only?’ the woman’s v well connected. And her daughter’s a top model or something. And it was mostly second row. Not bad, all in all.

We digress. Here’s Steve with those fuzzy melons out. You can never have enough fuzzy melons…

How many times? Drop the towel... Splish splash splosh
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