Christmas is coming and the Girls Aloud’s purses are getting fat

Goirls AloidOK so it’s a stretch of a title, but what it basically translates as ‘Girls Aloud get paid lots of money to do Christmas show on ITV’. You know ITV, it’s the slightly less-council-estate cousin of channels Hallmark and Living. No it probably doesn’t have to put coinage in a metre for its leccy but it still shops for its ‘tea’ at Iceland and yes it has a wide screen telly but it’s 60” wide and it’s rented.

Said show will see Goirls Aloid *said in Nadine Coyle’s paint stripping Irish rasp creamy Irish tones* joined by ‘friends’ aka famous guests looking to flog shonk and the official unveiling of their Christmas single. Erm, excuse us while we don’t wet slash white wee ourselves with excitement. We’re all dried up after this.


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  1. Is Sarah ‘breastplate’ Harding very tall or is she just standing on ickle Ashley Cole?

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