Just as we were starting to like you…

Drinks from the furry cup and wears a furry coatOh Li Lo of La La Land, you come to these fair shores, which admittedly are not very fair at the moment and are really rather chilly so yes, perhaps require a layer or three, but fur? Really? Is there ever any excuse to wear the fluff-stuff that rightly belonged to some now-dead cute-some animal when man-made equally cosy fibres are available? In a word, no motherfucker. It’s London love not Lapland – and even then we hear that Our Lord Santa eschews real-live (or real-dead as it were) fur for a Primark fleece nowadays. Yes, they even have Primark in Lapland now, next to Starbucks and Clinton Cards.

This bile-some news comes just after we recently reported on Moosie Gyllenhaal in fur, and Kate Winslet sprawled on suspiciously unfun-fur looking rug sans clothes, and we are concerned – in a keeping us up at night way – that fur has become fash again. For anyone considering it, take a look at exactly how said fur gets from animal to wardrobe. Not big. Not clever.

Be warned, it is nasty…

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  1. Cunty

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  2. Joking aside me-me-me, I love the way you won’t let the fur thing lie. Even people you like, you’ll still let ’em have it for furring out. Nice work. Well done. Three cheers andcetera.

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