The fabulous baker boys (and girls. This is the 21st Cennie after all)

The Baker Show

Can we just say something. There aren’t enough decent places in London’s Glittering Soho within which to drink a leisurely cup of coffee or seven as well as nibble on baked produce, be that a croissant, pain au chocolat, macaroon, mille-feuilles, Danish or other. F’sure, there’s the litany of chain-gang coffee houses – Nero/Costa/Pret/’Bucks – which are the café equiv’ of those round paper lampshades from Ikea every student house had between 1996 and 2004 (2008 in some instances), but what we need is somewhere with a bit o’ soul, people. Soul. 

Oh and f’sure, there’s Little Italy on Frith Street with that 24hr place with the mirrors that’s never knowlingly not rammed with hookers, homelesses, loud people on ecstacy and Rupert Everett (no connection), but that’s, well, all of the above. Oh and yeah there’s Maison Bertaux which is cutesy-cute and Pat Val’s which is ditto and Amato where someone who shall remain anonymous once met the love of his life but he had to go somewhere before they got round to swapping numbers so nameless sent in a ‘LoveStruck’ to the LondonPaper but the bastards never ran it and therefore they are responsible for said nameless person being alone for the rest of said nameless person’s life (and being 50p out of pocket). Then of course there’s Balans Cafe if you don’t mind sitting on the lap of the person next to you (we mostly don’t), then if you’re feeling a little rinky-dinky you could always try Café Boheme, then… oh.

Still, you can never have enough hats, gloves and gorgeous little coffee houses which is why we’re cappuccino creamin’ ourselves over this, the latest edish to Soho’s caffeine scene on Wardour Street. Called Princi, it’s an Elle Deco’d hybrid of smart bakery and coffee house, it’s freakin’ gorgeous, the choice of sweet ‘n’ savoury snack-ettes is enough to give you a thyroid-inbalance,-eyeballs-pop-out-of-their-sockets moment (we saw that happen on Casualty once. Very droll), the coffee is frankly delish, and it’s part of the Hakkasan group which is royal seal of approval enough for us (Yauatcha btw? Owcha-magowcha!).

There are already a few choice Princis in Italy (so yes, a ‘chain’, but there are chains and then there’s by-the-yard down Claire’s Accessories), and it’s our new favourite mid-to-late-morning coffee shop of choice. In that we’ve been almost daily since we discovered it two weeks ago.

Which is a round-a-bout way of saying, Pinci? J’adore.

A sea of yum. Just a small bap, please.
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2 comments to “The fabulous baker boys (and girls. This is the 21st Cennie after all)”

  1. It is all about the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square – Golden Square is the new Soho Square – Soho Square is the new Golden Shower

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  2. For realz? I must go.
    Incidentally, is that true about Golden Sq being the new Soho Sq? Do dolly gays flood the place if the temperature exceeds freezing point, take their tops off, and do homosexual things whilst drinking cans of beer from Tescos there too?

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