Glad to see Natalie Imbruglia’s doing something constructive with all that time on her hands…

Pretty bunny.

Barely, ooh, three, maybe four days goes by without someone in this orifice asking the pertinent question, ‘What does Natalie Imbruglia do?’. Actually, sometimes the question is flipped on its head a little, coming out as, ‘What has Natalie Imbruglia done since that ‘Torn’ business with that gay off-of Holby City we’d like to bum?’. Or, sometimes, just sometimes, the cleverer ones ask, ‘Apart from appearing on the LondonPaper showbiz pages inexplicably often and doing that L’Oréal advert, what does Natalie Imbruglia off-of ‘Torn’ actually do?’

The comprehensive answer, dearest dearies, is anyone’s guess – what she has done for part of that time is appear in Peta’s latest anti-fur advert. Hooray! And frankly, if that’s all she does for the rest of her silky-shiny haired life, it’s damn-diddly fine with us.

Now let’s watch that ‘Torn’ business, with big ole gay Jeremy Sheffield. Hot gays have names too, y’know…

*sound of screeching tires*

Scrap that. YouTube have, predictably, done that ’embedding disabled by request’ bollocks. Which means we can’t embed (whatever that means) the video on our own dolly site. Can someone please explain this to us? Surely all publicity is, you know, publicity? So instead of singing along to Natalie Imbruglia’s what-we-remember-to-be-nice ‘Torn’, perchance bringing to mind how lovely and talented she is, perchance inspiring us to go out and buy other collected works by Natalie Imbruglia, perchance to dream, instead we’re going to ignore her musical output altogether and look at pictures of Jeremy Sheffield instead. Embed that, ladies.

Jezza. Flash o' flesh How Rab C...


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One comment to “Glad to see Natalie Imbruglia’s doing something constructive with all that time on her hands…”

  1. I like her. Why isn’t she co-hosting a show? She’s personable. She’s interesting. She’s clever! Who’s her agent ?!? And — oh, yes — I’d be all up on Jeremy Sheffield like Gorillas in the Mist …

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