Arise, you big gay hero you.

Superman's crotch. Slightly relevant.

Even though anyone who’s anyone knows that statistics would suggest 10% of all superheros are gay, and bearing in mind they work in showbiz and we know how that biz off-of show attracts a more fragrant type, so the chances are you can at least times that figure by three – if not seven – the news that a clever cartoon type person is developing a real-life, out-the-closet, back-bumming gennelman with magical, crime fighting powers is jolly nice news indeed. Especially in these times of renewed gay militancy in the face of retarded bigotry. Ooh, politics.

So the details are thus: Stan Lee, off-of Spider Man, Hulk and the X Men, is working with US and A cable network Showtime on an hour-long spesh, based on Perry Moore’s novel, Hero.

Maybe he can zap those hating Mormons. Then bum ’em. Ooh, religion.

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  1. I love a superhero.

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