Do you know someone who needs a burning cross on their lawn this season of goodwill?

Burn for baby Jesus

Imagine you have a black neighbour you think needs a little festive cheer? Why not sneak onto his front lawn this Christmas and suprise him with this burning cross Christmas decoration brought to you by the American Family Association, a bunch of fascist fundamentalists (with the emphasis firmly on the ‘mentalists’) who are branching out into homewares.

Better still! Why don’t you erect the nice cross decoration – if you are ‘looking for a way to express your Christian faith this Christmas season to honor [sic] our Lord Jesus’ – while wearing a festive white hood with the eyes cut out!

We personally won’t be welcoming the baby Jesus into our homes this Christmas (baby cheeses, now that’s quite another matter, especially now we have discovered Pumpkin Seed and Oat Ryvitas!) and, if we are lucky enough to be surprised with a ‘lawn decoration’ such as this, will be re-enacting Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ video around it.

Go here to order yours/leave abusive messages. 

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3 comments to “Do you know someone who needs a burning cross on their lawn this season of goodwill?”

  1. I’m going to buy this for the Pope and shove it up his arse come Christmas Day, whilst singing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and snorting poppers. I may even kiss him under the mistletoe if he’s lucky, though not until that herpes clears up.

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  2. Wow. Unless America is further along than I’m perceiving, that just won’t do! However, it would work great for LIKE A PRAYER drag routines — that’s true. Post-Xmas mark-downs, m’Queens!

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  3. Ooh now that would look lovely hung upside down above my bed

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