Our new pied a terre when in gay Pareeeee!

We are smoking a fag!

There’s not a lot we won’t do for Philippe Starcke, not since we turned up at his Paris apartment to interview him and he opened the door wearing nothing but a sarong with some fairly sizeable design equipment clearly visible underneath (an accident, surely!)

Which is why when we go to Paris, we’ll be trying his brand new hotel called adorably Mama Shelter. Cunningly located in the 20th arrondissement (no, us neither – we still need a Metro station to know where the HELL we are), to the east of Bastille and boyztown aka the Marais (near Jean Paul Gaultier’s atelier, if we’re not mistaken).

The themery of the hotel is grafitti meaning there’s scrawling on the ceiling near the bar saying ‘Let’s trash the place!’ Let’s indeed! While above the reception is written ‘Can we hire a room by the hour?’ To which we imagine the answer is ‘Non!’

We’ve not been there so we can’t say quite how gorgeous it is. But going by the pictures over the jump it’s quite to very gorgeous…

Step inside, love! Table a meeting Keep it tidy!

Check it, book it, check in… here.

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