We want to be all of these things…

I'll take 117 of them please.

Antony Price, fancy tailor off-of the Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music look has done a range for Topman. You may have heard.

Now this is a dilemma for us. Mostly because the range is pretty darn-my-socks genius. And mostly because we don’t want every dolly in town buying it up and wearing it down the Hackney Road come the weekend. So we weren’t going to mention it. But then we remembered that you lot are all beautiful, savvy, intelligent, charming, witty, dazzlingly enchanting bon viveurs with slim hips, so we don’t mind risking that dilemma of early 21st Century semi-disposable fashion – running into someone wearing the exact same thing as you. Seventeen times daily.

Back-in-the-room… So, Priceless by Antony Price consists of limited suitage and a few pieces of perfectly tailored outerwear, with a sprinkling of quirky accessories (eye print tie, purple bow) with the overall look being that Dior Homme-cum-Burberry thing you could never really afford – sucked in silhouettes in quality fabrics that don’t cost the deposit for the house you’re going to buy when the property market hits rock bottom come early 2010 (jackets around 100 quid, trousers 60, etc.). It’s smart, it’s tailored, it’s very reasonably priced, and it’s by Antony Price… hence Priceless.

*penny drops*

Breathe in, breathe in...

Peruse, perchance to buy, here.

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2 comments to “We want to be all of these things…”

  1. Dead smart, that is. Perfect for the Joiners.

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  2. Just so long as Gok Wan stears well clear – it’d be the kiss of death for this little lot…

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