Is this young man wearing trousers?

Wherefore fart thou?

Look at this. It’s fashion. Because we personally can’t wait to get into some American tan tights and a flouncy blouse this season of goodwill (tee hee, we nearly said ‘willy’).

The model is dancer Roberto Bolle, who we have a lot of time for, mainly quite late at night. The photographer is Annie Liebowitz, who we also have a lot of time for, but not quite so late at night. More after lunch over drinks. The magazine is American Vogue, which we have very little time for, as it’s over-stuffed with ads, many of which are stiff so you can’t even flick through the magazine.

Over the jump you’ll find a picture of Rob from the front, with bulge-age and everything. Now that, we have a WHOLE lot of time for, any time of the day or night…

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  1. It’s all very Regency period. The trousers those gents wore were just delightful, and left nothing – nothing I tell thee – to the imagination. Takes me back…

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