Nice to see other people appreciate our boyfriend as much as we do

Look but don’t touch ladies. Hell hath no fury like a gay scornedPeople magazine have stopped touching themselves over the increasing bore that is professional ‘silver fox’ George Clooney and decided that this year’s 100 Sexiest Men will include some actual sexy men. But for who and for where and for why?

Weeell, Hugh Jackman comes on top *tingle* ahead of Daniel Craig *twinge* and our current new favourite Jon Hamm *twinge and tingle all at once*. Yes Ham with a double m.

While the top three were all yes, double yes and triple yes, the work experience obviously took over at four with lady-boy Zac Efron taking the dolly spot, followed later by Mark-Paul Gosselaar – Zack off-of Saved by the Bell (we know! Old skool much?!), Harry Potter’s Robert Pattinson – he rides that broom like a bitch, and professional guy-next-door Joshua Jackson – who always seems far too gnomey (in that undeniable Justin Timberlake way) to be attractive.

More importantly Jon Hamm made the list though. Jon Hamm off-of Mad Men and ‘double m’ Ham spell-age.

Other highlights include Michael ‘nice body, shame about the face slash jaw’ Phelps, Javier ‘sigh’ Bardem, and David ‘enough already with the tats’ Beckham. Oh and did we mention Jon Hamm was in there. At number three. Yes.

There’s nothing like a sex list for some gratuitous nudity, so over the jump with your tidy little botties.

Daniella Craig

Oh Danny boy

Michael Phelps

Mmmm, moist And our new favourite Jon Hamm with top off…

He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll blow you

And top on, in case you didn’t recognise him…

Jacket on, jacket off, jacking on, jacking off

Yay for lists! For the rest of the doings, click on through to People magoizine’s webbery.

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  1. Good picture of Phelps, I must say

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  2. Is it me or is there camel toe action going on in the last picture?

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  3. I think you could be right cand/ord

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