Yes, kids, you’re FIT alright…

By name and by nature

It didn’t bode well. ‘Come along to a play for schools!’ Oh. ‘It’s about gays.’ Oh oh. ‘Gok Wan will be in the audience!’ Bleurgh oh.

But we went to London’s glittering Drill Hall (well, it could be if they, you know, sorted it out a bit), mixed and mingled with Richard Wilson off-of One Foot in the Grave (in some rather razzle dazzle trainers, not to be patronising or anything) all because we j’adore Stonewall and they are trying to get the play made into a DVD to teach schoolchildren that if they are homophobic they will be killed (or something).

And though there were young people in tracksuits limbering up as we went in… :0( right? – we found the play to be:

a) quite funny in a Catherine Tate kind of way (it’s was six male and female Laurens ‘n’ ting, ynowomsayin’?)

b) quite sexy in that them tracksuits allowed you to look at some nice VPLs (shut up! The actors were of age!)

and c) effective as an anti-homophobic tool for schools, as it was never preachy and the actors were excellence itself.

The writer of the piece – one Rikki Beadle-Blair – talked us through how it went down in schools when they performed it, and then made the actors ‘hot seat’ – meaning they had to answer questions still in character. It all ended happily and it turns out that no matter how homophobic they are, five out of six UK children are actually gay.

Not really. And the fully interactive DVD of FIT will make the most genius of teaching aids. If they can get the money. If you would like to give them some of that money (seeing as you have loads), you just need to go here and sort it out.

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3 comments to “Yes, kids, you’re FIT alright…”

  1. I can’t imagine the play about homophobia that wouldnt’ be laughed out of most homophobic schools in this country. It’s an epidemic.

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  2. Did they tackle the whole ‘that’s so gay’ thing? I do hope so.

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  3. I think this is an awesome idea its just a shame that the Daily Mail etc have gone on yet another dont brring homosexuality into schools bandwagon.

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