One gay is not enough for James Franco. He wants two!

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Apparently the experience of deep kissing Madonna’s ex-husbear, Sean Penn (no relation to the Felt Tip Pens of New Hampshire) in the Harvey Milk film, erm, Milk (which we were mildly disappointed with but, hey, we have high standards)┬áhas left actor James Franco – that’s him, up there – wanting more. Bigger. Better. Higher.

And for that reason he is to play another gay. A gay called Allen Ginsberg. Who is a poet and once fell foul of foul people by publishing a poem which was racy or offensive or not quite the ticket or something. And such is the subject of a new movie, which may or may not be called Ginsberg.

‘Ginsberg has been one of my heroes and this movie is just so important,’ quote Mr. Franco at an event. Somewhere (we think it was the Cinema Society screening of the Milk movie).


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  1. He so hot! Phew. Scorchio.

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