Eyes down for a very full house!


Quite what London’s glittering (and much esteemed) Institute of Contemporary Arts was thinking giving over its hallowed portals to the reprobates behind Gay Bingo, we’ll never know but whatever it was, we’re glad. Glad, you hear. Glad.

Bringing together some of our very favourite things in the world – competitive number games, alcoholic beverages, very high shoes and the odd naked boy – Johnny Woo, bingo caller extraordinaire (especially during his Natasha Fierce monologue Barbra Streisand rendition before proceedings got under way) livened up the place no end.

The numbers came thick and fast with 69 always greeted with someone getting their face straddled, one young fellow decided the midst of a crowded bingo hall was the perfect moment for taking all his clothes off, while we won nothing at all (we only worked out you could read numbers vertically to save scanning the whole card for every number at the end!). Our nan would definitely have done better.

In short, a top night out. And for free! Make sure you get down for the next one on 6th December at 8pm where bingo will be followed by a live re-enactment of Liza Minnelli’s Liza with a Zee concert from 1972. Which is kind of special.

See more shots from Saturday over the jump…

Ladies! All the right numbers Run some leave-in conditioner through that


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3 comments to “Eyes down for a very full house!”

  1. Nice use of colour.

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  2. These gals should run for Parliament. Everyone’s in the mood for change.

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  3. Is Johnny Woo the one who bores everyone with stories of his near-death drugs overdose? Or is that another of the very similar ‘one of a kind mavericks’ who litter the gay scene?

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