‘What the whatsit of whatsitshire, it’s a whisker of a weave past 4 o’ clock already and we’ve still not had an over-sung sing-song’

‘Aaaaaaaaat laaaaaaaast’So let us rememdy that with a song by this here lovely lady who is possibly our favourite lady of all time – right now anyway.

To mark last night’s premiere of Cadillac Records, you know the movie in which Beyonce does the whole Alistair Darling hair/eyebrow thing as Etta James, we’ve been listening to and remembering how much we love old EJ. So today’s sing-song ible-obble-chocolate-bobble ibble-obble-out is rightly Beyonce doing Etta *contemplates Carry On-esque juvenility. Leaves it at the door* at the Fashion Rocks show. Ignore Charlize Theron chewing the cud for 1 whole minute and 25 whole seconds at the start – but skip forth and enjoy Beyonce’s versh of ‘At Last’ and then possibly gouge out the eyes of person or persons who think Christina did it better last year.

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