Samantha gets her norks out for a good cause!

Nice work!

Calm down, Daily Mail readers, it’s art. Phew!

Here we see one Kim Catrall, aged 52, getting a fine pair of threepenny bits out – even if Samantha tended to have sex with a bra on, which we find ridick – to recreate a very famous painting by someone called Titian, who, coincidentally has the word ‘tit’ hidden withinside of his own name (even if you pronounce it Tishan).

It’s all part of the BBC’s Culture Show and its attempt to get the original painting that this photo is based on kept in the country, for which 50 million golden coins of the realm are required.

The man doing it is called Tom Hunter, quite big in the world of photographers who take pictures that look like old paintings, and he strips down to at least a towel, in case you were interested. Which we were as he looks semi-bummable.

He said of Kimmy, “Kim is perfect for Diana (that’s the goddess, not the ninny who didn’t know enough to clunk-click when she got in her limousine)… She combines beauty with a sense of threat.” Our favourite!

The Culture Show is on Her Majesty’s BBC2 at 10 of the clock this very eve.

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  1. It helps that her tits are like two peas on a draining board but yes, well done Kim. All’s well that stands firm against gravity.

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