Which one would you bum?

Beauty and the *bleep*

Our husband (we decided to take it to the next level) went to the NYC premiere of his film, Australia, yesterday. The film’s shit. Long. And shit. But you’re talking to the people who sat through The Pillow Book just to see Ewan McGregor’s cock, so needs must etcetera and blah.

That creature next to him shall remain nameless. Though she is called Nicole Kidman. What on earth has happened to her person is anyone’s guess, but it’s been a long and drawn out process. From the top downwards, we begin with a powdered merkin. Then a face that hasn’t actually moved since 1973. Then Karl Lagerfeld’s body in Nana’s Christmas doily. Then the picture stops, but ’tis prolly for the best. ‘Tis almost the season to be jolly, too. Hooray.

Now let’s look at Ewan McGregor’s cock in The Pillow Book. If only technology was this advanced in 1996…

Honey, someone doodled...
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  1. He looks a bit rat-like in that picture at the top. And Ewan has very ginger pubes. Horribly ginger pubes. Unacceptably ginger pubes. But I still would.

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  2. As would I Peseta, as would I.

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