Does this give you a funny tingle in your downstairs business?

Oh baby, yes please

Well it should because research – yes, people actually study this sort of thing – has revealed that pomegranate juice does indeed make people hornier, as in sexier, as in want to take it and/or receive it all a little more than usual. And the good news is, the effects are more pronounced on the males of the species. Three cheers – hip hip, etc, blah.

‘But how does that work?’ we hear you cry. ‘Pparently, folk discovered this pomegranate/libido link at the University of Sussex (which is especially clever because it has the word ‘sex’ in it, so there) after willing guinea pigs (as in people, not real live guinea pigs. We don’t think they like pomegranate juice) drank orange, cranberry and pomegranate juice while scientists types measured levels of randy-ness. Turns out orange and cranberry are just rubbish and the old pomegran intensifies sexual interest and intensity! Whoop whoop!

*Gets workie to run down and buy some pomegranate juice. Contemplates shagging workie. Comes to senses.*


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3 comments to “Does this give you a funny tingle in your downstairs business?”

  1. Oh hello, should I be worried that my old mum swears by two shots of this a day?

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  2. Who needs a pomegranate to make their downstairs business tingle when we have the internet?

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  3. And when you have a pomegranate with two litres of vodka, not only are you horny, but absolutely off your tits – so don’t mind who you grope!
    ps. Pomegranate also goes very well with Champagne. I should know.

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