Joseph? Joseph? Who the fuck is Joseph?

Yes we got pink eye, but it was sooo worth itLee Mead off-of ‘we probably would, despite that hair’ will be handing over his vastly unfashionable slash undesirable slash probably quite stinky by now Technicolor Dreamcoat (off-of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat) to a certain s-s-s-stuttering northern chap who has in the past been known to sport a juvenile spikey hair ‘do’, is best known for coming second (not in that sense, although we can’t be sure), and was-once-Jordanised. But who could it be? Clue… It’s Gareth Gates.

Yes, well done ladies and gennels, it is Gareth Gates. And when will this exciting transition take place? On 9th February (*that’s February 9 to Americanians in case you didn’t understand) 2009. Note to diary, never ever go and see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Especially after 9th February. See *.


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  1. How is that Gates character still getting work?

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  2. I hope you cleared this picture with Papa Smurf before using it.

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