Oh look, it’s Britney doing Madonna doing ‘Die Another Day’…

Never have the initials BS been more appropriate

We know that you’re all on tenterhooks for the new Britney single ‘Circus’, and have been practicing dance routines along with Jack and Grace (remember that episode) in case she does actually pitch up at G-A-Y this Saturday. Well, here’s a sneaky peek of that new single and we’d just like to say:

A). it is very reminiscent of Madonna doing ‘Die Another Day’.

2). Dusty Springfield did flawless ‘behind the scenes’ in the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This’

III). The Pet Shop Boys, having worked with Kylie, are now doing stuff with Girls Aloud.

d). For why?

While you ponder, have a 30-second hit of that ‘Circus’ thing…

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One comment to “Oh look, it’s Britney doing Madonna doing ‘Die Another Day’…”

  1. She’s only had her official ‘come back’ for like, a few weeks, and I’m already bored. Bring on the breakdown mark II!

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