It’s new, it’s shiny and we want it.

We'll take two

There’s nothing new under the sun, right (except for maybe Madonna’s face), which is why this cheeeenius new magwoizine from, well, someone pretty cool has piqued our interest.

Rather than offering up exactly the same pictures and exactly the same stories as every other magazine (which you’ve already read in the papers anyways), they have gone on a global search (that means across the world) to find the very best from other magazines.

What a cracking idea! Because as much as we love a glossy, even we have limited time and resources. And frankly we are never going to spot a fabulously sexy men’s photoshoot in a magazine based out of Sao Paolo, are we? No matter how hard we try. When would we get any drinking done if we had to put in that sort of time and energy?

So, bring on Distill. Out now. And click here for a little promotional video and special offer type thing.

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