‘Wham bam thank you ma’m, it’s past 4 o’ clock of a Friday eve and we’ve not had a sing-song yet’

What's our band called again?It’s past the sixteenth hour on a Friday and unbelievably not one single fizzy unit of alcohol has passed our lips yet. But while that is ridiculous, it’s not quite as ridiculous as this video from Wham! which we will be singing and dancing and preening along to while we remedy this non-alcoholic situation before we head off to the first official Christmas party of the season. Ding-dong merrily… oh, hi…

The reason for Wham!? Well, if we needed one it would be in celebration of the fact their ‘Last Christmas’ single is officially the most played Christmas song of all time according to the Performing Right Society. But we don’t need a reason, so there. Enjoy…

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