Now we’re not prudes…

Bit windy?but is this really the kind of dress you want to wear to the Children’s BAFTA’s?

Oh hell, why not? It reminds us of that time we waved our naked arse around at our younger brother’s birthday party just to outrage and offend all in attendance, and that time we simulated bum fun at our cousin’s 15th and how last week we stuck a straw up our bottom and drank our V&T in a whole new way while sitting in the garden terrace of a quaint family pub. Just because we fancied it. And it was funny.

So you see inappropriate nudity and family entertainment go hand in hand. Actually, this is all starting to sound a bit Slater family meets Gary Glitter so let us move on and discuss slash bitch about who did the whole exposed botty best or worst…

Our bestest Loose Lady Carol McGiffin…

Loose lady

Surely Poshly Spicely would turn her oinker up at Chanelle for this sort of behaviour…

Northern exposure

Wouldn’t be an indecent exposure list without KP Nuts would it?

At least she's got a nice even tan

Oh an of course, Ulrika-ka-ka-cunt

The best of all

*swallows a little bit of protein shake flavoured vom*

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4 comments to “Now we’re not prudes…”

  1. S’funny.

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  2. I heart Carol McGiffin so hard.

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  3. Ulrika’s a hottie!

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  4. OMG!!!!!
    Whats happening in the last picture!???!?!?!?!?!
    She looks like a sack of saggy skin!
    Work it girrrl!

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