Boring and boringer…

Put it away...

a) It’s for a good cause – (Red) Wire, to raise £££/$$$ for HIV-infected people in Africa

but b) it’s a load of shit. Charity does not excuse bollocks.

oh and c) it’s Kylie + Coldplay.

and not forgetting d) why would anyone want to sing with Kylie? Kylie who can’t sing?

ps. if Kylie + Coldplay isn’t your thing, The Killers, U2 and Sir Dame Lady Elton John have also recorded songs for the same cause. The idea is you go here, and buy them for real life cash dollar.

pps. Alternatively, you can listen to Kylie + Coldplay = a song called ‘Lunar’ after the break, then quickly stick your fingers in your ears and go ‘Raaah-raaah-raaaa-RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH’

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2 comments to “Boring and boringer…”

  1. Lame as lame can be. Or, to continue with the theme, Lame and Lamer…

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  2. boring and boringer? from the guys who gets ‘excited’ over vpl? [its just a cock – not like u havnt had one up that pooper of yours] – the tune isnt that bad . . . me thinks u should think wait till the Bimbo Jones remix and u can wet yaself over that . . .

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