Jamie Oliver steps into egomaniac territory

It's not quite The Lady, is it Jamie?

Jamie Oliver off-of baking is launching a magazine this week.

*a hundreds-and-thousands drops* 

The eponymously titled lifestyle magazine will not – that’s the opposite of will – be ‘yet another cooking mag’.

Two out of the three cover lines seem to disagree.

Ooh, there’ll also be a column from Jools, his wife. Jamie Oliver’s wife will write about bollocks no-one’s interested in, also known as life in the Oliver household. Wait? Can’t.

There are also other entertaining lifestyle features. One is a Q&A with friend-of-the-Olivers, Brad Pitt. Apparently, Angelina Jolie isn’t much of a cook.

*falls off chair*

There’s also a feature on Jamie’s poker evenings with Dexter Fletcher, off-of used to shag Julia Sawalha off-of Ab Fab.

It’s at this point in the story that we’d thoeorise about Jamie Oliver turning himself into a brand in much the same way as Oprah has, though we predict with less success.

Then after that we’d say something like, ‘we’re not saying he’s an egomaniac, merely that he’s in the vicinity. But when you are in the ball-park area, it normally means you are one.’

And then we’d knowingly say it’s a saturated market, as well as an especially troubled market for mid-range, paid-for magazines, but when you’re already a millionaire, have bankrolled the project your dolly self, and are just giving your wife something to do in-between granting exclusive interviews to Grazia magazine, none of that really matters.

Oh look, a mince pie…

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