‘Oh Lordy it is a Dirrty protest past the sixteenth hour of this most chilly day and we still haven’t had a sing-song yet’

AaaaaooOOOOoooaaaaaAAAAaaaaah!We have a few reasons for our sing-songorama which today ladies and ladies is ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera. One, we heart it muchly. Two, it reminds us why we heart Christina muchly. Three, it reminds us why we don’t heart Britney muchly. So let us compare and contrast the works of two ladies who are so often compared and contrasted upon…

Britney’s recent ‘miming debacle’ proved that like the old adage that you can’t polish a turd, you can’t, well, polish a turd. So already Britney is what is know as fucked – being entirely turdlike and all. Yes we appreciate miming is sometimes the done thing, what with all those ‘trolling around the stage’ dance moves you have to perform, but while it’s one thing to do it, it’s another to do it badly. And yes, while Christina performing live does overegg the pudding somewhat, at least she has a pudding to overegg in the first place. So here, for your enjoyment and overegging pleasure here is ‘Beautiful’ by our lady Christina Aguilera, who could show that trailer trash Spears a thang to tuppence about music and/or pudding.

Good morrow.

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