Just don’t wrap your Terry’s Chocolate Oranges in it!

Oh, innit pretty though?

You see this? It may look to you like some pretty cool Christmas wrapping paper but it is in fact an artwork masquerading as cool Christmas wrapping paper designed by Ms. Kylie of Minogue herself (there was an adult present to supervise the use of sharp scissors, don’t worry).

And she’s not the only one that has come up with the wrapping paper goods for a great cause (The Guardian newspaper’s appeal to help an African village called Katine). Also making good with the creativity is one Johnny Depp, Sophie Dahl and Jonathan Ross, whose work you can finger over the jump.

And yeah, we know slebs usually put any old bollocks in when they’re asked to design a plate or customise a shoe or whatever, but these really are rather good. Even Kylie’s! And, obviously, they’ll frame them rather than ask if you want them rolled or folded, if you should win the auction to secure them.

Now, jump to see and donate. Ooh, it’s like the glory days of Blue Peter, isn’t it?…

Johhny Depp’s one…

Wrap your loving legs around us, Depp!

Jonathan Ross’s one…

Call her Miss Ross

And Sophie Dahl’s one…

Wordy wrapping hood. Get it? Well, not the 'hood' bit.

To become an instantly better person by giving money to those poor folks, click here.

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  1. Kylie does something for someone else shock!

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