Look at our Tina at the ripe old ‘get your oil can out a la Tinman’ age of 69

Breaking every ruleTina Turner of-shaky sean legs fame has dusted off that age old dress she wore in Mad Max 23 whole earth years ago. Wearing it in Madison Square Gardens in New York last night, she warbled and danced-cum-Parkinsoned to all her hits. You know, the good ones she did when Ike was knocking her about. Nothing like a bit of domestic violence to get the creative juices flowing. Anyway, how for do we feel about this costume-age? Int’ orifice we’re all in agreement that Tina is looking pretty good – well, she’s working with what she’s got, put it that way – but let us note a few differences about the two. Over the jump with you.

Go on, shoot Mel. He is a cunt after all. 1. This new incarnation is less chain mail and more granny sequins bought from the John Lewis haberdashery, which is really rather good. We went there yesterday to buy wool for our recent knitting craze. Mummy thinks it’s just a phase, but then again she thought that about our love of bum fun and look how that turned out.

b. The hair is not so much Pat Sharpe mullet as Keira Knightley’s fire hazard barnet in The Duchess and we all know how that ended (it went up in smoke for those of you clever enough not to go and see the overly long poor excuse for a biopic. Dominic Cooper, you are very pretty but please, do give up the day job).

trios. A general lumpen-ness, which one can not deny Women of a Certain Age (we capitalised it in case you didn’t understand it’s a reference to the song. That Tina sang. We’re good.), so there. Stop bitching.

And c. and d.

Thankings. You can leave now. And close the door on your way out. There ain’t ‘arf a draft whistlin’ through there guvnor.

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2 comments to “Look at our Tina at the ripe old ‘get your oil can out a la Tinman’ age of 69”

  1. I bought granny sequins from the john lewis haberdashery yesterday :(

    they’re very pretty ones tho :)

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  2. I am digging T2. She still has the legs!

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