When dolly met Queen B

All those single ladies

We knew it would come to this.

The dolly who made his own costume and performed a move-perfect version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video in his back bedroom (dirty towel on the back of the door, the whole thing) actually got to meet the not-so-single lady herself at the premiere to her movie Cadillac Records last night.

So, while the world’s press seem to be obsessing over the fact that if you wear a sleeveless dress and put your arm down some of the skin ruffles up (we have seen SO many pictures of Beyonce’s armpit this morning – even on Lorraine Kelly!), we thought we’d bring you this heartwarming picture of a professional crazed fan (that’s stalker to you) meeting his idol.

Oh and another chance to see that dolly video, here.

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