Look at our new New York apartment, which is nearly finished!

We'll take our usual suite on the 15th

Now, you know us. There’s not a lot that can supercede a sunny Sunday afternoon with something sticky and sweet by the pool at The Standard West Hollywood. Over-excited girls dancing on their deckchairs, men in ridiculously voluminous swimwear (apart from us Euros), waiters dotting around feeding us Frenchie fries and mini bottles of our very own tomato ketchup.

But what about when we’re in New York? Thankfully, the master (and mistress) minds behind The Standard where the Sex and the City gals stayed when they went to LA have decided to build this big old bugger and call it *thinks with pencil balanced in corner of mouth* The Standard New York.

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s blinding location-wise a small cobble-streeted swagger from your Alex McQueens and your Stelios McCartneys and your Pastis ‘mine’s a minute steak and don’t make me wait too long’ Brasserie. And it opens for paying punters – such as yourself – from next Wednesday 10th December with an opening offer of under $200 for a room.

As those funny Americans like to say: check it out!

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3 comments to “Look at our new New York apartment, which is nearly finished!”

  1. It’s not very, well, pretty to look at though is it? Kinda looks like the 1960’s office blocks that get blown up cos they are too hideous to behold any longer…

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  2. The Standard = Pretend stylish for poor people. And it shows.

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  3. *That* cannot be the correct image for this story — it looks like something bombed out in Johannesburg.

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