A Lily Allen video. Plus musings.

Teddy's had a wash.

Lily Allen is a tricksy old dame, innit. On the one hand we like her mouthiness and the fact that her songs are really rather good, if you like the nursery-rhyme-ness of them and the odd swear word. Which we do.

On the other hand, we have it on good authority she is, as Chaucer might say, a cunt.

On the third hand, she has a new song that is ingratiating itself on our dolly brains as we speak. That, plus the fact the moving picture for it is, you know, good. If you like camp fun with balloons and low-fi choreography and pink smoke. Which we do.

On another Jeremy Beadle hand, we interviewed her poppa, Keith,¬†last week and, well… *makes ‘so-so’ noises*.

On our last remaining hand, we’re interviewing Lily Allen tomorrow so will take the opportunity to make an informed decision and let you know accordingly.

And c) and d).

Oh, and here’s the video for ‘The Fear’. Which is just what we have after getting absolutely off our tits last night. ‘Only went out for one’, that sort of thing. Split screen… oh you don’t want to know the split screen. Or maybe you do. Hint – VERY BIG PENIS.


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2 comments to “A Lily Allen video. Plus musings.”

  1. I think I like her. I await your decision with baited breath.

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  2. I already know I agree with Chaucer. I await your decision with mild indifference.

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