Move over Dali (get it? Because Dali, as in the painter, sounds a bit like the word ‘darling’ and there was once a Doris Day film called… oh, Google it)

La di Dali

So, this fella here (who’s going to get fag burns in the rug if he carries on like this) is an actor called Robert Pattison in a photograph taken from a magazine known in the trade as Rolling Stone (no connection with the band of the same name. As far as we’re aware).

Anyways, he plays painter Salvador Dali in a new film about his sort of love affair with Spanish poet-type gay Lorca. Great subject matter: Spain in turmoil, art, poetry, gays, bullets, male rape (we might have added that last bit but, you know, you wouldn’t be surprised).

And to be fair, it might just be the trailer that makes it look shit. You know when they get that bloke with the ridiculously low voice to say things like ‘It was a time of war’ or ‘Two men against destiny’ or ‘Mine’s a Curly Wurly and a packet of Rizzla’.

The film is called Little Ashes and the trailer for said film is just over the jump. A mere click away…

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