Reason to white-wee of a Monday morn #18363512718129

Off! Off! Off!Now we’re the first to admit, we didn’t see Strictly Come Ballroom or whatever it is called, this weekend. We were having far too much fun frollicking our way round a maypole (or a pole of sorts) in some ‘up and coming’ dingy London borough. We know Strictly’s on at 6.10pm, but who’s to say that’s too early for merriment of a festive Saturday eve?

Any road, street or path we woke on Sunday in realisation of our Strictly mishap – you know, that unmistakable aching void of having missed all the dolly dancing, Tess’s dresses and camp crooning (this week c/o an increasingly ugly-lady looking Barry Manilow). But when we read our Sunday papers we were doubly, triply, quarduply horrified to have missed this week’s show. ‘For why?’ you ask; Austin Healey ripped his shirt off. Now not that we’re desperate. We get our fair share of nudity to look at and enjoy, but it rekindled our love for a rugby type and we felt saddened to have missed the mo. As in moment. As in perfect one a la Martin(e) McCutcheon.

For our past rugby glories, click through at your leisure and/or pleasure…

Come to papa... Ickle bit lower please Ditch the tats and we'll talk Kiwi by any chance? Pink is soooo your colour Honey have you been working out? Ooh, hold us with those big man arms Here come the boys

*predictably but enjoyably white-wees… again*

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  1. Yums.

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  2. Ooh, I’ve come over all unnecessary of a Monday morn.

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