Heat have been and gone and done it again! Yay for male nudery!


Do you know what, it really is the only magazine that puts any thought at all into its pictures. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Heat. Or heat, with a small ‘h’. ‘Cause that’s jazzier for the kids.

And here, exhibit A, you have Ms. Davina, Baroness of McCall posing with what look to the naked eye like naked gents. On closer inspection they in fact turn out to be just men without any clothes on. Phew! We thought an apology would have to be made for tastelessness and offending Daily Mail readers.

Oh, no, it seems the Daily Mail have nicked the photo anyway. Not offended by men’s bottoms today. OUTRAGED by men’s penises, even on the radio, but then that was John Barrowman at the BBC and obviously, the BBC deserve a kicking.

Anyway, here’s Davina. In heat (with a small ‘h’). Probably talking about weight loss.

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